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The craftiest poodle that ever there was! 

My real name is Fiona McLean but I usually get branded with names such as Fifipoodlebum, Fifi Trixibell (thanks Sir Bob for that one) or just "the weird girl with the crazy earrings and mad frizzy hair". You can take your pick of names to call me or why don't you make up your own, most people do! I really dislike the letter 'F', I think it's a really ugly letter and it's such a pain to me I spent a lot of time in my mid teens trying to perfect my signature and I've resented it ever since. Anyway, I'm sure you're not here to read about my ongoing battle with the sixth letter of the alphabet so I shall move on with my life story.

I run around film and TV sets for a living but when I'm not doing that I like to occupy my time by sewing, knitting, growing spider plants and making things out of household junk whilst listening to 80's power ballads. Mostly I make bunting and little stuffies and I design my own tank tops because tank tops are cool dontcha know! It is my mission in life to make the tank top a desirable item of clothing once more. nb by 'tank top' I mean the woollen variety that is traditionally worn over shirts and long sleeve tops, not the cotton vest variety usually reserved for sunny days.

My main crafting inspirations are Anthea Turner, Archie from Balamory and my mother whose sewing machine I inherited. I do have a knitting machine also but I prefer to knit things by hand, mainly because I can't figure out how to use the stupid thing. It was an impulse buy from Ebay after I knitted a 20 foot long Tom Baker scarf for myself and then I got an influx of requests from people to knit one for them/their husbands. Alas though, my second hand vintage knitting machine didn't come with an instruction manual and I found out later that it's more of a pain to do garter stitch on one of those things than to just knit it by hand so I ended up teaching quite a few people how to get started with their own scarves instead. This gave me more time to teach myself how to knit hats and jumpers and toys and things.

I'd probably describe myself as an experimental crafter. By that I mean I'll think of something exciting  to create, then make a start on it and keep fiddling with it until I end up with something half decent (sometimes it doesn't work and it ends up in a huge mess with me sobbing on the floor but that usually only happens when I try to cook things).

So that's a little bit about me, I hope you found it fascinating or at the very least, you don't think I'm mental. If you'd like to find out more about my day job please visit my other blog on tinternet

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