Monday, 29 September 2014

Just Keep Knitting, Just Keep Knitting

I go through phases of knitting and I'm currently in full flow of one of them. This one started when I knitted a womb for a friend who has just qualified as a fully functional midwife and I'm super proud of her baby catching abilities. She particularly likes the fact that she can hang it up and as she's going into a house share with two other midwives soon she wants me to knit her more so she can use them as decorations for her Christmas tree.

You can find the pattern on the  Knitty website if you want to knit your own womb...and lets face it, who wouldn't want to do that?

My next knitting project is a remake of an old classic...the ever popular humping reindeer hat! I first knitted a very similar hat as a Christmas present for my dad a few years back. The idea was that he could use it as a ski hat and have the coolest hat on The Alps but it went down so well with everyone he knows that I decided to knit more and sell it in the Mcpoodle Shop.

Here is the first one but I can knit them in any colour so please get your requests in for the winter months. If you want to buy this particular hat please follow this here link.

A few weeks ago I went to Rewind Festival which is festival entirely dedicated to the music of the 80's...think Rick Astley, Go West and Doctor and the Medics. It was my first ever festival and I decided to knit my own leg warmers for the occasion along with making a few scrunchies to complete the look (shell suit top, leggings and an authentically retro bum bag). I looked highly sexual throughout the whole weekend and then when I got home I decided to put the pattern for my legwarmers on Ravelry (it's like Facebook but for knitters and crocheters). I've never tried to write a pattern that other human beings might be able to understand so I wasn't sure how well it would go down but after a week I've had over 100 downloads so I'm hoping that all of those people will be able to follow it.

If you want to knit your own legwarmers please feel free to download the pattern (it's completely free)  but I will be knitting some more in various colours for the McPoodle Shop very soon so watch this space.

Lastly, as I was in the process of knitting some lovely green legwarmers to add to the McPoodle Shop, I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to use my green wool to try and create a knitted snozzcumber (they are the gnarly vegetables that the BFG eats...if you still haven't got a clue what I'm on about I suggest you read some Roald Dahl books). So strong was this urge that I had to cut off my wool mid legwarmer, put them to one side and start planning how to achieve this wondrous feat of engineering there and then. I used some pretty exciting techniques including stranded knitting, bobble making and trying to figure out how to shape the damn thing just from winging it and hoping for the best. I'm pretty impressed with the way it turned out, even if it looks more like a snozzmarrow than a snozzcumber.

I've decided to give my hands a wee rest before they cramp up completely but after a week I'll be back finishing off my legwarmers and hopefully knitting things to be photographed for Christmas cards (since owning my own little business I'm starting to understand why shops insist on preparing for Christmas in's depressing but necessary). 

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